Honey & Bloom X The Bold Italic

Recently, I created an exclusive print for The Bold Italic, California Native Blooms. I ventured out to explore many California natives. There are so many beautiful wildflowers and picking a few to represent this state was definitely hard to do. I chose 4 blooms that really stood out to me because of their color, shape, and size. This print is an interpretation of the Clarkia flower, California Poppy, Matilija Poppy, and the Douglas Iris. There are many types of Clarkias and they come in an array of colors ranging from pink to magenta. The ones I saw were round in shape, fuchsia, and looked like they had more petals than they actually possessed. The California Poppy is the state flower. You can’t miss them this time of year; their yellow and orange shades can be seen for miles all over the state. The Matilija Poppy would have to be one of my favorite blooms; they are absolutely breathtaking. They look like tissue paper flowers and have wrinkly white petals with bright yellow centers. The Douglas Iris drew my attention because of its distinct shape. They mainly come in white, yellow, blue or purple, but some of the blooms I saw were a mix of those colors, creating the most beautiful greenish blue and purplish tones.

Read up on my exclusive interview here and head to The Bold Italic shop to pick one up!


All images courtesy of The Bold Italic.


Cheers and enjoy!

A new collection and a few summer essentials

I am so excited to share our new collection of goods with you. It’s been quite a feat bringing these to life, but it’s been so worth all the sleepless nights and crazy hair days. When I started our line of Gold Bits (14kt and 18kt gold plated jewelry) in 2013, I knew that this was going to be my new creative outlet. I absolutely love designing pieces I can wear and also share with everyone. My vision has always been to design a line of jewelry where the pieces can be worn everyday. I wanted to create pieces that were beautifully crafted, understated, and yet oh-so charming.

Along with the creation of new pieces for Gold Bits, a good amount of time was spent designing new prints and revisiting some classic H&B designs. From ocean waves, to forest trees, and a pure LOVE poster, all of the new art work are screen printed in the heart of San Francisco.


The canvas bags from our 2012 line of goods have been so well received that I decided to add two more to our collection. Of course, one for beach days and the other for the market. These bags are made beautifully with very thick and durable 15oz cotton canvas material that will last a very long time. And no doubt, like all of our other products, these were crafted in USA.


Hope you enjoy the new collection. Go treat yourself to some new goodies for the summer!